Forest Hill Veterinary Hospital

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Mabry GoudyBrenda Goudy - Veterinary Assistant/Office Manager

Brenda has a passion for animals and has been working with them since she was young.  She started volunteering at the Blue Mountain Humane Society in Walla Walla, WA when she was 12 yrs old.  When she turned 18 she started working there full time. After a year she became the kennel manager and started medical training under a local veterinarian for certification.  She worked at BMHS for 8 yrs implementing foster programs, fund raisers, and an adoption program thru the Humane Society thrift store as well.  She left the animal world for a few years while her husband was in school and worked as a waitress. But now She loves being back where she belongs working with Animals everyday. What a blessing! 

In her spare time she loves being outdoor fishing, hiking, camping, and swimming with her husband and Daughter. Her 2 oldest boys don't live at home anymore. So she travel back to eastern Washington often to visit and see all her old friends and family.  She also loves playing ball with her husky mix Mabry and snuggling on the couch for a movie with her munchkin cat Storm.