Forest Hill Veterinary Hospital

3240 Auburn Way S
Auburn, WA 98092


Dr. Jasbir Khera


 Doctor Jasbir Khera Grew up on a farm in India. He has been around animals his whole life. He was always out doing chores and spending time with their menagerie. That is where his interest in animals grew as he did. He eventually went to school there for veterinary science and got his degree. When he moved to the states he knew he wasn't done yet He basically had to start over again to get his degree and be licensed in the US.  But he pushed through while also getting certified in several other areas with in the veterinary field. Now he has been in practice for over 35 years. He has worked for large organizations such as P.A.W.S, larger hospitals in Seattle and Kent. He has also owned a few other small practices in surrounding areas over the years. Being in practice for so many years he was eager to find a hospital where he could work closer to home. This Hospital was a perfect fit. 

He is a dedicated family man. You may have met his wife Amarjit (Ami) here at the hospital. She helps out time to time answering phones and doing day to day tasks like filing or cleaning. He also has a lot of extended family in Washington state. He loves to travel, lives a healthy lifestyle and most of all loves to work. When he is not seeing patients in clinic your bound to find him out working on the hospital and its property, or at home in his yard and garden.